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Uruguay is a rural country and most of its economy is based in agriculture and cattle raising, being a famed producer of high quality beef. There is no doubt that the best way of getting in contact with the countryside, and the lifestyle of the rural environment and its people is by staying in some of its estancias (ranches) and farms that open their gates to visitors.

The history of every region and corner of the country together with the philosophy of its owners can be experienced in the estancias, but probably the most interesting cultural aspect of the Uruguayan "campo" or countryside is the strong presence of the legendary gauchos, whose traditions and skills can be seen and admired in every cattle ranch.

Together with the rural life, the estancias offer different activities to visitors, such as horse-treks, boat trips, hiking, birdwatching, botany tours, photo safaris and polo lessons, and are the best places to taste the famed Uruguayan wines and enjoy the local specialties, including the tasty "asados" or parrilladas.

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