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At the South of the Chilean Patagonia, an impressive massif towers over the Andes between the steppes and the South Pacific Ocean. It is the Torres del Paine National Park, one of the gems of Chile´s system of protected areas.

The Paine Massif, with its granite "Towers" and "Horns", apart from other no less imposing peaks surrounded by wonderful turquoise lakes, enormous glaciers, Patagonian beech forests, rivers, waterfalls and steppes, comprise one of the continent´s most charismatic and breathtaking landscapes.

Due to its high degree of protection, Torres del Paine National Park is ideal for observing and photographing the Patagonian wildlife. There are great herds of guanacos, confiding foxes (both Patagonian grey and "culpeo" or red foxes), Magellanic woodpeckers, earthcreepers, upland geese, Andean condors, austral parakeets, and even the rare and threatened huemul or Andean deer.

Due to its proximity, Torres del Paine can be combined with Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. Ask for our programs for birdwatchers, photographers and nature lovers.

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