Atacama Desert & Lauca National Park



Atacama Desert & North


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Tour description

We invite you to explore two natural jewels of northern Chile. The Atacama Desert, considered the driest area in the world, hosts places of contrasting colors and ineffable beauty and a very abundant wildlife with many endemic species.

We will visit the Valley of the Moon and the Death Valley, with its strange eroded geological formations in a great variety of colors such as red, orange, ochre and yellow. The sunsets from the reddish sand dunes are unforgettable! The Tatio Geysers and the extensive salt flats will add special interest to the trip, as well as the lakes inhabited by thousands of flamingos of three different species, plus numerous endemic Andean birds.

Later we will visit Lauca National Park, in the northern tip of Chile, at the foot of the snow-capped volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape, reflected on the surface of Chungará Lake, a paradise for Altiplano birds such as Andean and James´ flamingos, Puna plovers and Andean geese, among many other species. Herds of vicuñas roam wild in this incredible high altitude habitat.

Due to its proximity, the north of Chile can be combined with southwest Bolivia, where you can explore Uyuni, the biggest salt flat on Earth, and other amazing natural areas.

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