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From June through mid-November


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The Pantanal is probably the largest seasonally flooded wetland on Earth covering more than 150,000 square km. Except for a smaller extension of less than 20% into Bolivia and Paraguay, the Pantanal is a Brazilian habitat located in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.
When the Paraguay River and its tributaries flood their banks (between late November and April, the region becomes one of the world’s most extensive wetlands. This rich floodplain supports one of the world’s largest inland concentrations of waterbirds. With approximately 450 species, it is one of the world’s most famed birding sites. Jabiru storks, roseate spoonbills, white woodpeckers, hyacinth macaws, golden-collared macaws, wattled jacanas, 6 species of toucans, snail kites, red-crested cardinals and black-collared hawks are some of the hundred species that you will sight in this paradise and in the neighbouring Cerrado habitat.

But the Pantanal, with its wetlands, palm groves, forests and savannahs is the best place in South America for spotting wild animals and one of the best places in the world to see not only birds, but also fascinating species such as capybaras (The world’s largest rodent), anacondas, collared and white-lipped peccaries, giant river otters, tapirs, ocelots, spectacled caimans, marsh deer, howler and brown capuchin monkeys, giant anteaters and crab-eating raccoons, among many others, and it's even possible to see the most elusive predator of the Americas: the jaguar.
In June, at the end of the wet season, when the level of water has reduced, wildlife concentrates around the small lakes, rivers or canals, and there is nowhere else on earth where you will see such vast numbers of birds or caimans. Only the plains of Africa can compete for mammals, and chances of seeing jaguar or one of Brazil’s seven other species of wild cats are greater here than anywhere in the continent.

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