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Although Uruguay is a small country compared with other South American nations, it is a fascinating destination for birding. The country is located in a transitional area between the Chaco habitats, the Pampas and the Brazilian Cerrados with numerous species from the Atlantic Rainforest. Habitats such as mountains, ravines, vast wetlands, grasslands, palm groves, thick woods and an extensive coastline along the South Atlantic, host about 460 bird species.

The large Laguna Negra and Laguna Castillos, surrounded by wetlands, uplands, coastal woods and palm groves are one of the best locations for birding, not too far away from the South Atlantic resort of Punta Del Este. Greater rheas, red-winged tinamous, buff-necked ibis, savannah hawks, short-eared owls, southern screamers, rosy-billed pochards, vermillion flycatchers, red-crested cardinals and the rare Dominican monjita and the endangered saffron cowbirds are among many of the species that inhabit the vast area also known as the Eastern Wetlands.

Uruguay is also a country of low altitude mountains crisscrossed by numerous torrents and covered by thick woods and by the typical upland forest, habitat of red-legged seriemas, squirrel cuckoos, black-chested buzzard eagles, white woodpeckers and by the endangered yellow cardinal. Estancias (ranches) and farms provide comfortable accommodation and are the best sites to stay in a rural environment close to the birding spots.

Visitors to Colonia del Sacramento (Southwest of the country) coming from Argentina will also find a wide diversity of birds in the surrounding native forests, coastlines and grasslands. Burrowing owls, monk parakeets, greater rheas, bay-winged hawks, crested caracaras, long-winged harriers, golden-breasted woodpeckers, scimitar-billed woodcreepers, ultramarine grosbeaks, and yellow billed cardinals are among the most conspicuous birds that will be seen in any outing.

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