Hummingbirds in the Paraná River Delta



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At less than one hour drive from Buenos Aires we find one of South America's biggest deltas, formed by the sediments of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers. A vast network of channels, streams, meanders, islands and banks with a subtropical vegetation that advances approximately 80 meters per year towards Buenos Aires are part of the large Paraná River Delta.

The Delta hosts a surprising diversity of plants and wildlife, including many endangered species, such as the marsh deer. The area known as “Los Bajos del Temor”, in the second section of the islands, is probably one of the best areas for birding and for wildlife photography.

We offer you unforgettable nature tours and photo safaris to the Paraná River Delta, where we can photograph several species of hummingbirds, plus many species of tanagers, finches and the rare dusky-legged guans. A nearby lodge offers excellent accommodation in the best location of the Delta, far away from the noisy Buenos Aires.

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