Gauchos in San Antonio de Areco



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In the Pampas, not far from the city of Buenos Aires, we find a series of villages where the Gaucho traditions are still alive. The town of San Antonio de Areco, birthplace of the gaucho writer Ricardo Güiraldes, in nearly every weekend holds traditional gaucho shows, as well as typical Argentine dances and horse races, being the most important celebration the "Festiival of the Tradition", which takes place every early November. During two weekends gauchos from all over the region gather in San Antonio de Areco with their best horses, and offer shows that include horse-races, parades, rodeos and folk dances.

But San Antonio de Areco and other Pampa towns always offer the possibility of photographing the legendary gauchos in action, showing off their skills and their best horses all year round.

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