Magellanic Subpolar Forest

This ecoregion extends from central Neuquén up to the southern tip of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, following the southernmost stretch of the Andes Range. The climate is cold and humid with abundant rain and snow, and it is mostly covered by thick beech forests of the genus Nothofagus, both deciduous and evergreen. Some of the best well known national parks in Argentina are located along the Andes, protecting this habitat, such as Los Alerces, Lanín, Lago Puelo, Nahuel Huapi, Perito Moreno, Los Glaciares and Tierra del Fuego. Numerous endemic species such as the chucao tapaculo, the Austral parakeet, the Magellanic woodpecker and the spectacled duck are found in this ecoregion.


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