High Andes

This is a region that extends over the vast Andes’ Range and its foothills from the border with Bolivia up to the north of Patagonia, including the Altiplano or Andean Plateau, over 3200 m. above the sea level. The climate is usually cold, dry, with precipitations in summer and mainly in form of snow or hail. Most of the species are endemic, and the lakes and spring concentrate big number of species. Puna tinamous, Andean and Puna flamingos, Andean flickers, mountain parakeets, Andean geese, diademed sandpiper plover and mountain caracaras are some endemic species we can mention. Some of the most famous spots of this ecoregion are Pozuelos Lake National Monument, Runtuyoc Lake, Salinas Grandes, Aconcagua Provincial Park and San Guillermo National Park.


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