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Few South American countries boast such diverse landscapes and climate variations as Chile. Although on average only 180 km. wide, it stretches some 4,200 km from north to south between the Andes and the Pacific. From the dry Atacama Desert in the north, to fertile valleys in the center and dense beech forests, pristine lakes and glaciers in southern Patagonia, the country of extremes is also the strongest economy in South America and famous for its world-prized wines. Santiago, its capital, offers bohemian areas, large crafts markets and access to numerous fertile valleys whose extense vineyards and cellars produce some of the best wines in the world.

The stunning Atacama Desert in the north, though the driest on Earth, hosts incredible landscapes with salt lakes, snow- capped volcanoes, wetlands with big concentrations of 3 species of flamingos and many other endemic birds, and altitude steppes where herds of vicuñas (wild relatives of the llamas) share the habitat with alpacas and Puna rheas. Lunar valleys, the Tatio Geysers and numerous archaeological sites, create a paradise for photographers and naturalists.

The legendary Patagonia, shared with Argentina, hosts a wide chain of national parks and reserves, protecting landscapes of amazing beauty with millenary forests, snow-capped mountains (including active volcanoes) and lakes considered among the world´s most beautiful. Torres del Paine is probably the "jewel" of the Chilean National Park System, with its charismatic granite peaks as the "Towers" and "Horns", and abundant wildlife including Andean condors, guanacos, upland geese, huemuls, pumas, Magellanic woodpeckers and torrent ducks.

More than 4000 km of coasts along the South Pacific host popular beaches such as Viña del Mar, Tongoy and Reñaca, ports as Valparaíso, and colorful fishermen´s villages in almost every bay and fiord. Colonies of South American sealions, Magellanic and Humboldt´s penguins, guanay cormorants and several species of gulls can be seen and photographed from north to south in several protected areas.

Isolated, some 2.500 miles off Chile´s coast, lies the sub-tropical Easter Island, full of legends and mystery, with enormous sculptures made in volcanic rock known as "moai", still give the back to the sea unrevealing the secret of their origins. Rapa Nui (the Polinesyan name of the island), invites you to explore its enchanted beaches, volcanoes, caves and to meet its local people, who will welcome you with flower collars, refined dances and delicious meals.

Easter Island, as well as the rest of the Chilean highlights, are linked with daily flights with Santiago and with the main airports of the country, allowing you to visit this fascinating South American country all year round.

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